My Experience of Publishing in India

My Experience of Publishing in India

This post is for all the aspiring writers who want to get published in India. Being a good writer is not enough, you need to be rich as well or own very good luck to make your book reach thousands of hands in India. In today’s blog, I am writing about the scenario of getting published in India.

When a person writes a book, the next thing in his mind is to find a good publisher to publish his book. But finding a publisher for your book is not an easy job. Writing a book itself takes a whole year for a writer and then another 6 months or year for finding a good publisher for your book. Let me tell you about my own experience in publishing.

Basically, there are two types of publishing in India. One is Traditional publishing and the other is self-publishing.


While it is easier to get self-published these days if you have a budget of 30k-40k (leave the marketing cost from this). And if you want to do good marketing of your book, please burn a hole in your pocket for not less than another 40k-50k.

There are various self-publishers in India like Blue Rose, Notion press, Half Baked Beans, Litburg Publishing, Bookholics, etc. They have different packages of publishing of which the minimum package starts from rupees 30,000 and goes as high as 1 lac to 2 lacs.

In a basic publishing package of 30,000, they will provide very basic services like cover design, book setting, not even editing and proofreading includes in it. So, if you have written a book and want to get self-published, kindly keep 40,000 to 50,000 rupees aside.

Traditional Publishing

Harper Collins, Shrishti Publishers, Rupa Publications, Penguin India, Bloomsbury, Fingerprints, etc. You must have heard these big names in the publishing world. They are traditional publishers in India. They do not take money from writers to publish their books. It sounds good, right? But wait, this is not the real story.

Writers send them their book synopsis on mail id given on their website for submission. The rest of the process is very cruel for any writer.

They clearly mention on their website that if the writer does not receive any mail for 90 days from them, writers must consider themselves rejected. And if the writer has sent his manuscript to other publishers then that should also be mentioned in the mail.

This means after writing a book for months, a writer has to send a mail to the selective publisher and wait patiently for the other 3 months. And even if your book is selected, they will take another one year to publish the book. Means approximately 2.5 years gone in waiting.

In this era of digital technology, you are expecting a writer to wait for 2.5 years to publish a book. And this is a scenario only if you are selected. Only 0.01% of new writers get selected by traditional publishers in India. Unless you are a big celebrity like Twinkle Khanna, Soha Ali Khan, Shweta Bachchan, etc. or already an established writer.

They do not take risks with new writers in India and wanted to be sure of at least selling 3000 copies of the book before they select a manuscript. They do not waste their time over selling 400-500 copies.

Final Words

So, this is the scenario with self-publishing and traditional publishing. I have already sent my manuscript to more than 10 reputed publishers in India but with no response till yet. I have decided to wait for 90 days and then go for self-publishing.  

Self-publishing takes less time and more money. But the real problem with self-publishing is that writers don’t get their due respect because they published their book themselves. And to sell any book, you need to do huge marketing. 

Being a writer is itself not an easy job but to expect a writer to be a marketer also and further know all the digital tools is too much burden over a creative mind. Therefore, in the 21st century, there is very little creativity left and more marketing is booming.

Thank you

Swati Omprakash

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Sachu Kannah
Sachu Kannah
1 year ago

We should come out of the myth that “All the self published books” are of lesser quality. Not all of them. But, for me, writing a book is enough. Publishing it through selfmade mode is ok. And, if my book is bought by 10 people and I make impact on couple of life’s, yup am happy. Seriously… I follow this.

Writing good is a kind of boon to people. They don’t need to be a marketer at any cost. Self publishing with 100% self made options is more than enough.

Let the art shall only be an art.

Swati Omprakash
Swati Omprakash
Reply to  Sachu Kannah
1 year ago

The first line hit me hard. All self published books are not of lesser quality. You hit it damn at right place.

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